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If you want to enjoy night life in Tokyo, you should go to “Golden Gai” in Shinjuku.
You can enjoy many bars in a small area. But also, you can enjoy Ramen NAGI.

ramen nagi annex nearby shinjuku golden gai

But, at night time, there is a long line for “NAGI” Shinjuku Golden Gai. And NAGI has only 10 seats, so you have to wait for a long long time. You want to wait? It’s OK but you can find “NAGI Annex” nearby Shinjuku Golden Gai.

You can get same Ramen in NAGI Annex by walk in a few minutes.

Nagi ramen shinjuku golden gai


By the way, Where is Ramen NAGI Shinjuku Golden Gai?(Not Annex one)

You can get to NAGI by walk in a few minutes from Shinjuku Station.


▼Sugoi Niboshi Ramen NAGI Shinjuku Golden Gai

Ramen NAGI is 24 hours open, but many bars in Shinjuku Golden Gai are opening from 6pm. So if you want enjoy bars, you should go at night.


So, where is Ramen NAGI Annex?

If there is line for Ramen NAGI Shinjuku Golden Gai, you should another one, NAGI Annex.
(Like this photo, there are many travelers at NAGI Shinjuku Golden Gai)

ramen nagi at shinjuku golden gai

Ramen NAGI Annex is really close to Shinjuku Golden Gai.
You can get there in a few minutes by walk from Shinjuku Golden Gai.

▼Sugoi Niboshi Ramen NAGI Annex

Red display is the mark of NAGI.


Enjoy Ramen! Enjoy Tokyo night life!

You get Ramen NAGI, just enjoy Ramen!
You can choose large size for free, so if you want large one, tell a staff “OOMORI” meaning of large size.

ramen nagi

ramen nagi

Have a fun!